Website and Booking engine

The Rez-Connect Booking Engine includes many features, optimised for single property independents, multi-property groups, and large hotel brands

Advanced Rate Handling

Blended Rates:

When a guest is viewing availability for a desired rate and that rate is unavailable on one or more of their selected dates, a pre-determined rate can “fill-in” the unavailable dates providing the guest a desirable alternative of blended rates.

  • Reduces the frequency of showing an unavailability message
  • Decreases booking abandonment
  • Shows true availability
  • Offers promotions that are more flexible

Registered Guests:

This feature brings the ability to create special rates for those guests who sign in on the hotel booking engine. Guests can then create a unique user profile that allows them to view these personalized rates, customizing their booking experience even further.

Enriched discount code fields

To facilitate promotions and up-selling, the Rez-Connect Booking Engine system offers a Discount Code field on the shopping cart and checkout screens. These screens also highlight any discounts the guest has already received during the booking process.

Mobile-Only Rates

This feature gives mobile bookers unique rates while they enjoy the ease of Windsurfer’s smooth, no-hassle booking experience.

Use this setting to:

  • Promote special, last-minute deals
  • Encourage mobile bookings
  • Better compete with the OTAs

Advanced booking experience

Responsive design

Taktikon knows that guests will view your site and booking engine in a variety of contexts, using a variety of devices. With Rez-Connect, there is no longer a need to maintain a separate mobile platform — a single, responsive booking engine is all you need.

Automatically adjusts to:

  • Desktop computers
  • Tablets
  • Mobile phones

Shopping Cart

With the shopping cart, guests can:

  • Feel at ease when shopping for a room or as they add or edit items in their cart
  • Book multiple dates of stay, each with multiple rooms and multiple occupancies
  • Book at multiple properties within the same chain within the same reservation session
  • Fully edit a reservation within the cart screen before checkout

Call to continue™

Once a guest has searched and added reservation information to their cart, they have the option to call to continue by simply touching a number on their mobile device, sending the reservation information to the hotel with a unique Cart ID for the hotel to pick up and complete the booking.

  • Aids in abandonment reduction
  • Creates a frictionless checkout

Save for later:

This feature allows guests to save a cart for later by entering an email address. A link to their cart is emailed to them so they can complete the booking process at a later time.

This leads to:

  • Abandonment reductions
  • Greater flexibility and ease of booking for the guest
  • Helps support cross-device conversion

Enhanced Add-On Features

The Rez-Connect Booking Engine allows items to be added in the cart view — even if the itinerary is multi-room and multi-property. Guests have the option of viewing their itinerary costs in an easy-to-read and understand Summary or Detail format.

Room Attributes Filtering

Guests can quickly filter availability results by selecting desired room attributes. For example, the guest can see all available rooms that have king-sized beds and direct pool access, or all available suites that have an ocean view.

Calendar displays

Rez-Connect’s calendar displays allow the guest to see availability restrictions more clearly, and can be combined to show daily rates within the calendar.

  • Makes the booking process more efficient, saving time and increasing booking likelihood
  • Creates a single page where guests can select or change different attributes to their search without having to open a new screen
  • Possible guest choices include:
    • Change room or rate
    • Select number of rooms
    • Select number of guests
    • Change date
    • Select add-ons

Upgrade feature

This feature promotes to guests what room upgrades are available, encouraging guests to upgrade their room selections, ultimately helping your hotel capture greater revenues.