Travel Management

For independent hotels it is vital to get access to the global RFPs (Request for Proposal) where the larger international companies search for properties in certain markets.

What are RFPs?

RFP stands for Request for Proposal, which is a common way for businesses to find what they need. The way it works is that a company or organisation announces a request for a particular project, system or program and providers can place bids for the project’s completion.

Within the RFP the company or organisation specifies what the customer is looking for and at the criteria the bidding party should comply to. It states the terms and conditions and procedure on making the bid.

Why partner with Rez-Connect?

    • Lanyon License and Direct Access to all RFPs interesting for you
    • Assurance that your Lanyon property profile and corporate rates are accurately set for bids
    • Release and response to all selected Corporate RFPs on your behalf
    • Data management and rate mapping in GDS or Rez-Connect CRS for all Corporate rates submitted
    • An dedicated Customer Service Manager to deal with RFPs on your behalf