Metasearch handling

Increase your Direct sales

Connecting to the metasearches is a perfect way to increase your direct sales, as these kinds of sites are increasingly used by your guests. Rez-Connect helps you to optimize your presence on these sites!

What is Metasearch?

Metasearch engines are rate comparison sites that displays the current public rates of your property on the various online travel agencies (OTAs) and other booking sites, all in one place. Guests use these sites in an increasing matter as this makes the booking process more convenient. With the use of the metasearch sites they can compare rates at a glance.

When someone looks at your hotel on a metasearch site, they see that your rates as listed on the various distribution channels you work with. So, if your hotel has different rates on five websites, all five of those prices may display on the metasearch website. The site might also show rates from those website’s affiliate networks, sometimes undercutting your own rate

When consumers find a deal they would like to book, they click and are directed to the original source (the OTA or hotel website). The OTA or hotel website (depending on where the customer clicks) pays the metasearch company a referral commission or a cost per click (CPC) fee.

At Google and TripAdvisor, users can now book right on the site, and Google or TripAdvisor receives a commission from the hotel instead of a CPC fee. Because the customer stays on that site, the booking experience is easier.