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Rez-Connect offers you a one-in-all solution which serves as a Channel Manager, Central Reservations System, Booking Engine, Sales Support and Distribution optimizer. Quick and easy!

Website and Booking Engine

Rez-Connect offers both hotel websites as well as booking engines which ensures high quality of visitors as well as high conversion rate. As our distribution experts have a very long experience with increasing direct reservations, we can form the perfect website together with you

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Metasearch handling

To connect your website to the metasearch platforms is one thing. To make sure that you get the right reservations and decrease your distribution costs is another. Our metasearch experts can gladly help you both with the set-up as well as the optimisation

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GDS Representation

The Global Distribution Platforms ensures that your property is bookable 24/7 by the global Travel Agencies. Our experts will ensure that your property is represented in the most optimal possible way.

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Service and Support

We make Distribution easy. Rez-Connect provides you with a dedicated Customer Service Manager who makes sure that all channels are correctly connected to your Property Management System and understands your needs and assists you quick and easy

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Travel Management

Rez-Connect offers sales support in the form of RFP-handling. Ever spent a few hours on an RFP request? Our distribution experts can both determine the optimal price and make sure that the RFP is properly handled.

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TA Commission Handling

Rez-Connect handles your Travel Agency Commission quick and easy. No more spending ages on checking and filing. Our Distribution Experts take over, hassle free

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