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Our story

Revenue Management Consultancy & Education company; Taktikon is the founder of Rez-Connect. In it’s Revenue Management Outsourcing projects the company found that independent hotels often are struggling finding the right tools to update their distribution platforms. The idea was formed to offer not only a distribution platform that helps hotels to connect to the various distribution channels, including Metasearch, GDS, Booking Engine and OTA, but also offer excellent support with it.

Taktikon takes care of all mappings to the hotel’s Property Management System after which the property gets excellent support from a dedicated Account Manager. This means that, for independent hotels, distribution all of a sudden becomes easy.

About Taktikon

Taktikon was founded in 2010 by Revenue Management expert Annemarie Gubanski who was later on joined by Revenue Management Guru Katarina Svensson and e-Commerce & Marketing expert Oliver Geldner.